We seek to acquire well-located, attractively priced hotels where we can leverage our industry experience to create meaningful value through repositioning, rebranding and intensive asset management.  Given the innate volatility of hotels, we use prudent leverage - generally below 65% LTV.  Our hold periods normally range from two to seven years.  We generally target investor IRRs ranging from 20% - 30%.

Selection & Underwriting

We maintain rigid underwriting standards and employ highly disciplined asset and market selection criteria.  We invest only in cases where a clear value-add opportunity exists that Alpha Wave is well-positioned to exploit.

 We look for investment opportunities where we may tailor the look, feel and service level of the hotel to address market needs.  We employ comprehensive repositioning, service and branding plans to maximize appeal to our target traveler demographic. 

Asset Management & Sale

Post acquisition, we seek to maximize  profitability by appropriately renovating each hotel and employing cutting-edge revenue management and marketing strategies to drive market penetration while leveraging deep hotel and technology experience to implement lean and efficient operating models.

Following renovation, repositioning and ramp-up, we seek to time asset sales to coincide with market windows when buyers are willing to pay premiums for future growth.